• Modern Logistics Management Concept
Based on market variation, Youyue defined modern Logistics concept. Operation is organized orderly with customer demand, and timely service is provided with continuously improved level. Multiple solutions are available for different demand, and contingency plans are prepared for urgent demand of customers, which fully improves assets utilization efficiency. 
  • Convenient Transportation Location
Youyue’s location, Shanghai Chemical Industry Logistics Park, is surrounded by facilitated transportation network such as A4 Highway, Jiajin Highway, Pudong railway, and sea terminal. Railway passes by and marshalling station is established.
  • Automated and Intelligent Logistics Mode
Youyue unified the information system and standardization, the management system including storage, transportation, distribution, and settlement management, can be connected with IT system of customers. It’s convenient for the fast and correct material transfer, data inquiry and settlement. Youyue also is dedicated to improve the automation and intelligence of the storage keeping pace with the times.
  • Customer Networking and On-time service
Youyue set up networking with advanced manufacturing enterprises, logistics and marketing companies, and related network and distribution system is established. Youyue carry out 24 hours service mode, timely feedback and preparation can be launched as soon as the received customer demands, related procurement, distribution and delivery are processed on time.